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      As the Orbis Games community grows, the newspaper staff is striving to maintain that same momentum for the months to come. One of the ways to maintain interest is by offering advertisements at affordable prices. This idea has come up a few times, but newsletter staff never reach an agreement on execution. Within the advertisement link in the upper right hand corner, you will find workable size dimensions, fixed pricing, servicing fees, as well as future possibilities.
      We want to make this newsletter exciting for everyone in the community by hosting fun events every few months. The problem there is, how do we reward members from 5 different games? The only universal way to reward members is through game credits. So the money earned through advertisements will go towards all of our contests.

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      It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! Wait, no. It’s Super Forums!
      Like predicted, the VHR community has finally settled down after upgrading to a better forum a few weeks ago. While some may be adjusted to the change, others may not be as familiar with the additional bonuses we have with this forum.
      The most important aspect of the forum is the greater control it gives moderators, most of which we don’t see. Mods can now keep all Bots off the forums, as a result they no longer have to go though hundreds of profiles and remove inappropriate links. In turn this gives them more time to moderate other parts of the forum, or *gasp* they can actually find time to play the games now!
      Additional features that are open to Mods now, is the ability to restrict players who are violating forums features, like the edit button. Players who regularly abuse to post-and-edit can now loose all their editing abilities.
      A bonus that helps both Mods and players is the Report Button located on the right hand side of every post. Instead of having to copy-paste a log and link, a player can click the image and it immediately reports it to a Moderator.
      One of my favorite features players have now, is the ability to make Avatars. This new customizable addition has opened up an entirely new market for artists, both painters and minips alike.

      Another feature that I think will be used more now, is the addition of the Friend/Foe list. Ever have that one player who constantly causes you to grind your teeth at the things they post? Do you find it hard to bite your tongue, or even keep yourself in check? Well I do, and rest assured that this little list will be my new best friend! By adding a person to this list, you will not see any of their posts any more.
      These are just a few of the more prominent features we have on the new forums. While some find the new layout a bit confusing, rest assured. Nef plans on having a few different ones for it to play with. Will we possibly be seeing some more of the lovely art work by Ahkahna? Lets hope so!
     Check out this months breed quizzes. Some breeds have been talked about in this issue, so you may want to read through the paper before you continue. Other breeds may require you to do some research. Anyone can participate, and the winners will get their name in next months issue, as well as a custom award to go on their ranch/kennel/farm pages.  There is 20 questions which you will be given 20 minutes to complete. Good luck and have fun!